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At this time our services are 100% virtual. We are in full compliance with the CDC orders and will open as soon as safely possible.

Registration Fee: $25 (One time, non refundable, required for all 1st time participants)


Dance classes are $12 per class
Dance Class cards can be purchased $100 for 10 classes

Class Information


Ballet technique inspired by Vaganava, Ceccetti and Balanchine will jump start the dancers in terminology, body positions, poise and confidence.


Technique inspired by Horton, Graham and Hawking


This class is intended to inspire you to move in the freedom of dance by the spiritual inspiration of the music.

Hip Hop

Get down and express your inner swag. Explore the latest hip hop moves and embrace the hip hop culture.


This sassy class will leave you feeling confident and strong.

Dance Levels

Dance Party “Little’s” Class

Virtual classes offered for kids 18 months – 5 years old. Class is designed to develop a love for dance through an atmosphere of freedom and fun. Students will develop dance and motor skills. *This class will be taught via Zoom Video Conference Center ensuring social distancing.*

Dance I (Ages 6-9)

This stage is for students who are beginners with a year or less experience in a particular genre.

Dance II (Ages 10-13)

This stage is for students who have at least 1 year of experience in a particular genre or style of dance.

Dance III/IV (Ages 14 and up)

This stage is for students who have at least 2 years of experience in a particular genre or style of dance.

Performance Companies

These training programs are by invitation or audition only. For ages 6 and up who love to perform and are serious about their technique training. These companies will participate in competitions twice a year.

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